Our Beloved Summer – First Thoughts

Name: Our Beloved SummerWriter/director: Lee Na Eun / Kim Yoon JinDate: December 2021Number of episodes: 16Genre: Comedy / Slice of live / RomanceBased on book/manga?: Yes, based on the webtoon "That Year We" by Lee Lee Naeun and Han Kyoung Chal Why did I press play? The plot is fresh and intriguing, and Kim Da Mi was brilliant in "Itaewon Class", and … Continue reading Our Beloved Summer – First Thoughts

Ending Again – Mini review

Name: Ending AgainWriter/director: Jung Soo Yoon / Park Dhan Hee Date: February 2020Number of episodes: 12 (min episodes)Genre: Web Series, Contract Marriage, Love TriangleBased on book/manga?: Not sure Why did I press play? Browsing for a drama to watch and the synopsis tickled my fancy. A few thoughts and observations: This is contract marriage with no bells or whistles. Suppose you entered … Continue reading Ending Again – Mini review

No Time For Love – Quick Review

Name: No Time For Love 연애는 무슨 연애 Writer/director: Date: August 2018 Number of episodes: 8 (9 minute each) Genre: Friendship, Romance, Life, Work, College Based on book/manga?: No Why did I press play? The name and promotional art seemed fluffy and relaxing. Thoughts and observations This is a delightful little drama. Everything works well together, the team … Continue reading No Time For Love – Quick Review

Review: Terius Behind Me

Name: Terius Behind Me Writer/director: Oh Ji Young / Park Sang Hoon Date: September 2018 Number of episodes: 32 Genre: Suspense, Comedy, Mystery Based on book/manga?: No Why did I press play? Great review - comments about endearing Ajummas. A few thoughts and observations. All-round fantastic drama. Easy to watch from beginning to end. The Good: Unconventional main characters: … Continue reading Review: Terius Behind Me

Love Me Actually – Review and Thoughts

Variety Show Name: Love Me Actually Writer/director: MBC Date: March 2019 Number of episodes: 16 Genre: Variety show: Travel, Romance, Comedy Based on book/manga?: No Why did I press play? The name peeked by interest. Thoughts and observations Charming, classy, funny: that is how to describe this show. Each episode has me on tenterhooks for what the following … Continue reading Love Me Actually – Review and Thoughts