XX – Mini Review

Name: XX
Date: January 2020
Number of episodes: 5
Genre: Work, Cheating, Friendship
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? No real reason, just wanted to see what it was about.

Thoughts and observations:
It draws you in immediately. It is of a mature drama, but this is more in terms of the theme, location and not anything explicit. Shall we say it’s a classy mature drama?

What’s good:

Acting: The casting it solid. The bad guys are just so fabulously and instantly unlikable. The actors did well within the confines of the story. The emotional range that each character required in this story is limited and within the scope of the actors’ current talent/experience. 

Plot: The story focuses on one conflict that needs resolution. This story is about a series of events that cause, puts pressure, and creates an opportunity for resolution. This entails healthy conflict, and leaving the past behind by processing suppressed feelings and letting them go.

Script: Clean and minimalistic. The characters expressions and camera angles do a lot of the communication. 

Vibe: The drama feels restrained, contained, and like it wants to seep out of its confines. I know that sounds like a negative thing, but for this drama, it’s not. It suits the story perfectly. It makes your imagination whirl and your curiosity build about the whole story. Who are these people? What are their family like? Their upbringing? Other friends?  Where do they like to eat? We really only get a glimpse into a selective aspect of these characters. This is fabulous.

Production Quality: Good

Other good bits:

  • It has a crisp and subdued color palette, using dark colors.
  • Excellent use of music
  • Fantastic make-up on the females.
  • Hair and fashion: Both these traits portray more of the characters and defines them. 
  • The crackling chemistry between the Na Na and Danny. It’s a intriguing romance. Plus Danny is really good looking, and has good character: he’s a great guy!
  • Everyone is photogenic: the close-ups are awesome.

What’s bad?

Cinematography: Good enough to not be a distraction.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Yoon Na Na played by Hani (bartender)
Lee Roo Mi played by Hwang Seung Eon (owner)
Park Dan Hee/Danny played by Bae In Hyuk (other bartender)
Wang Jung Deun/Jayden played by Lee Jong Won (roommate and best friend)
Jung Gyu Min played by Kim Joon Kyung (Roo Mi’s boyfriend)
Seo Tae Hyun played by Shin Jae Hwi (Na Na’s ex-boyfriend)

Theme: Conflict resolution

What’s it good for:  Unwind with something slow paced and well thought out. 




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