Sh**ting Stars – First Throughts

Name: Sh**ting StarsWriter/director: Choi Young Woo, Choi Yeon Seo / Lee Soo HyunDate: April 2022Number of episodes: 16Genre: Comedy, Romance, Entertainment IndustryBased on book/manga?: No. Why did I press play? The plot and casting are irresistible - who can turn down a well made behind-the-scenes entertainment story. Thoughts and observations: It’s all around a fun drama! … Continue reading Sh**ting Stars – First Throughts

Simmer Down – Fist Thoughts + Dropped Midway

Name: Simmer DownWriter/director: Date: April 2022Number of episodes: 40Genre: Romance, Life, FamilyBased on book/manga?: Yes! I couldn't find the book title and authors name in English. Thoughts:The first half is a relaxing watch and the leads chemistry keeps you hooked. Unfortunately, after the midway point, the drama falls off a cliff and lands into a puddle of boredom. Perhaps this could … Continue reading Simmer Down – Fist Thoughts + Dropped Midway