Simmer Down – Fist Thoughts + Dropped Midway

Name: Simmer DownWriter/director: Date: April 2022Number of episodes: 40Genre: Romance, Life, FamilyBased on book/manga?: Yes! I couldn't find the book title and authors name in English. Thoughts:The first half is a relaxing watch and the leads chemistry keeps you hooked. Unfortunately, after the midway point, the drama falls off a cliff and lands into a puddle of boredom. Perhaps this could … Continue reading Simmer Down – Fist Thoughts + Dropped Midway

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils – Review

Name: Demi-Gods and Semi-DevilsWriter/director: Yuan Zi Dan / Ringo YuDate: August 2021Number of episodes: 50Genre: Wuxia, Historical, Romance, Adventure, Friendship, RomanceBased on book/manga?: Yes, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils by Jin Yong Why did I press play? Since this is a classic story, I wanted to watch it. I couldn't get into the 2003 - the old school production … Continue reading Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils – Review

Luoyang – Thoughts on Episode 19 & 20

Name: LuoyangWriter/director: Qing Mei / Xie ZeDate: December 2021Number of episodes: 39Genre: Historical, Mystery, Thriller, ActionBased on book/manga?: Yes, "Luoyang" by Ma Bo Yong The last part of episode 19 and 20, alone makes Luoyang worth watching. Especially the second half of episode 20. This interaction between Gao Bing Zhu (Haung Xuan) and Yao Niang (Zhang Li) that takes almost 20mins … Continue reading Luoyang – Thoughts on Episode 19 & 20

Sweet Teeth – First Impression + Dropped

Name: Sweet TeethWriter/director: Lei Xin Lin / Derek Hui (Cross Fire) / Liu Hang Yang Date: August 2021Number of episodes: 22Genre: Comedy, Romance, Dentist, LibrarianBased on book/manga?: Yes, "A Speck Amid the Dust of the World" by Mu Fy Sheng. Why did I press play? It was the director (Derek Hui) that drew me to this one. It was the same director … Continue reading Sweet Teeth – First Impression + Dropped