Youth Fight

Skimmed Through Name: Youth Fight Writer/director: Date: March 2019 Number of episodes: 24 Genre: Friendship, life, work, romance Based on book/manga?: no Why did I press play? The name, promotional artwork, and Zheng Shuang as a lead - it's a combination I can't overlook. Thoughts: It is Xiang Zhen (Zheng) and her relationship with boyfriend Zhao … Continue reading Youth Fight

Destiny’s Love – Review/Dropped

Dropped (sort of) Name: Destiny's Love Writer/director: Date: April 2019 Number of episodes: 36 Genre: Romance, Comedy, Deity Based on book/manga?: no Why did I press play?  After coming to a favorable review and I gave it a go. During which episode was it dropped? It was dropped at episode six (with some peeks into unprecedented episodes). The only reason this … Continue reading Destiny’s Love – Review/Dropped