No Time For Love – Quick Review

Name: No Time For Love 연애는 무슨 연애
Date: August 2018
Number of episodes: 8 (9 minute each)
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Life, Work, College
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? The name and promotional art seemed fluffy and relaxing.

Thoughts and observations
This is a delightful little drama. Everything works well together, the team had a realistic grasp on their budget, actor’s acting experience, locations, plot, and script.  This makes it an easy watch, because no-one is “trying too hard” to be something it’s not. Despite the story being short, it’s decently well thought out and plot points connect well and there is even some minute character development, which gives the story warmth.

What’s good

  • The background for the Sa Rang and Se Om’s relationships is brief, but enough is shown to give us a clear picture of their dynamic. We quickly see the Se Om is a classic player and despite Sa Rang’s suspicions of this, she can’t help but fall for all the tricks – even though she knows it’s tricks. She does have a backbone and when it comes down to it won’t take things further with him unless he commits – which he won’t and that’s the end of them.
  • Sa Rang is likable and someone I would enjoy having as a friend. She is a realistic character, who goes through all the usual motions of mild heartbreak and getting a crush on a new guy. But it doesn’t consume her, she still studies and thinks rationally through things (most of the time). It’s not clear at which point her curiosity of enjoyment of Cha Joon turns to like.
  • Ri Won and Sa Rang dynamic also feel real as they both are suspicious of each other and willing to compete, but it’s all very low key and something you can imagine seeing in real life.
  • The chemistry between Sa Rang and Cha Joon is real!
  • The story has a perfect blend of realism and fluff.

What’s bad

  • The color grading. The palate is subdued and I have no idea why they choose to do so. Perhaps it’s a new trend?
  • Cha Joon is a little deadpan. He is a man of mystery, mainly because we don’t know his background. He must have a difficult family/financial situation, he seems a bit discouraged at the beginning, but then can be quite light-hearted when he is with Sa Rang. The execution of his character is a bit wonky and they tried to pack too much into him. His feelings towards Ri Won also remain unclear as he we never hear his response to her “heart-to-heart” chat. This character may be better suited to a longer drama. Nevertheless, it not a big deal and doesn’t detract significantly from the story.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Geum Sa Rang played by Kim Nu Ri (female lead)
Cha Joon II played by Park Seul Ro (male lead)
Lee So Om played by Joo Byung Ha (ex-boyfriend)
Ri Won played by Kim Hyun Joo (Cha Joon’s bff)

Theme: Balancing college, entering the work force, and navigating love.

What’s it good for: During a lunch break or as mini motivational reward before tackling unwanted chores.

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