Two Drama Recommendations: Forbidden Flower & Peaktime

Forbidden Flower: This Chinese drama is a unique category, because it’s a rare one that starts out ordinarily, along with questionable acting by the male lead, but as the story progresses, his acting blossoms along with the character. In fact, the entire drama turns into an incredible one. The acting “raw and phenomenal acting,” and … Continue reading Two Drama Recommendations: Forbidden Flower & Peaktime

Dear M

Name: Dear MWriter/director: Lee Seul/ Park Jin Woo & Seo Joo WanDate: June 2022Number of episodes: 12Genre: Romance, Life, Youth, Campus LifeBased on book/manga?: No Why did I press play? The scandal surrounding Ma Joo Ah brought this drama to my attention, and after the delayed release, I was keen to check it out. Thoughts and … Continue reading Dear M

F4 Thailand: Boys over Flowers – First Impression

Name: F4 Thailand: Boys Over FlowersWriter/director: O Patha Thongpan, Mai Aticha Tanthanawigrai / Manow Waneepan Ounphoklang, Jarinee Thanomyat, PingPong Suwanun PohgudsaiDate: December 2021Number of episodes: 16Genre: Manga, School Bullying, Rich guy/ poor girl, romance. Based on book/manga?: Yes, based on the manga, “Hana Yori Dango” by Kamio Yoko. ThoughtsIt is simply irresistible checking out any adaptation of “Boys of Flowers”. … Continue reading F4 Thailand: Boys over Flowers – First Impression