Ending Again – Mini review

Name: Ending Again
Writer/director: Jung Soo Yoon / Park Dhan Hee
Date: February 2020
Number of episodes: 12 (min episodes)
Genre: Web Series, Contract Marriage, Love Triangle
Based on book/manga?: Not sure

Why did I press play? Browsing for a drama to watch and the synopsis tickled my fancy.

A few thoughts and observations:

  • This is contract marriage with no bells or whistles. Suppose you entered a contract marriage for the same reason as they. It is probably how it may play out in real life. But somehow the story still has a romantic fluffy feel, even though there is minimal fluffiness going on. It’s the perfect merging of realism and that something special we look for in dramaland.

  • The 12 bite sized episodes are the ideal format for this drama. Typically, I stay clear of mini dramas like this – I can never quite relax, because before I know it’s over and I didn’t get to know the characters properly. But in this one, that feeling never came. They reveal just enough to satisfy curiosity and to make the characters’ decisions logical.

  • It surely is a mature-ish drama, since the story begins with a one-night stand. There appears to be a recent wave of mature web-dramas that is targeted to maturer viewers. Although I don’t particularly care about the sexual aspects, it is refreshing to not have a slice-of-life drama without the silliness. Other dramas like this one are “XX”, and “Nevertheless”.

  • Our make lead, Do Yoo Soo is handsome, well cast and has the perfect look for the character. His acting is spot on, for this short and lower budget drama. There is some sadness in his background, but it doesn’t hold him back. It’s hard to know what he is thinking most of the time, but that scene where he is told he can’t get the scholarship, the way he reacts make you know he is “real” person and not just existing for the sake of the plot.

  • Jo Soon Min, who plays Chan In Young, does a fairly good job, but isn’t irreplaceable. Her characters is fairy good at setting up boundaries, and it is to be respected that she doesn’t give her ex-boyfriend another chance.

  • The second male lead doesn’t have much on-screen presence, and it’s often it is boring or anti-climatic when he is in a scene.

  • So Hye An (In Young’s best friend), is really fun, and although she is a little frivolous, she has a great charm and Kim Seo An had good on screen presence. They have great chemistry as friends and their friendship is very genuine. Her character has the right balance of maturity and silliness. Her colorful wardrobe was also nice to look at and added a nice pop of color to the scene.

  • Yoo Jae Pil, who is In Young’s co-worker adds a great dose of comedy – his facial expressions are priceless!

  • Except for a few of the side characters, it’s a satisfying plot, with little to no drag and conflicts get resolved easily and angst is minimal. One of my favorite scenes is when In Young asks Yoo Soo if he likes her, and the tone of his voice and body language is perfect and swoon worthy – what an excellent scene!

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Chan In Young played by Jo Soon Min (female lead)
Do Yoo Soo played by Kim Geon Won (male lead)
Yoo Chan Hee played by Kang Hui (second male lead & ex boy friend)
So Hye Go played by Kim Seo An (In Youn’s bff)
Team leader played by Ma Si Hwan
Go Min Chang played by Ki Min Jong
Go Min Chae played by Choi Hee Jin

Theme: Let go of your past and embrace the new.

What it’s good for? When you’re in the mood for something both substantial and fluffy.

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