Bloody Romance

Full Review  Name: Bloody Romance (web drama)  媚者无疆 Writer/director: Banking Bonnie/ Yi Jun Date: July 2018 Number of episodes: 36 Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, and Romance Based on book/manga?: Yes, Bloody Romance by Banking Bonnie Why did I press play?  The promotional artwork and title caught my eye. Initial thoughts/The good and the bad: First and foremost … Continue reading Bloody Romance

Movie Review: So I Married an Anti-fan

Tiny Blurb Name: So I Married an Anti-fan 所以……和黑粉结婚了/ No One’s Life is Easy 和黑粉结婚 Writer/director: Kim Jae-young Date: June 2016 Number of episodes: 1 (movie) Genre: Romantic Comedy Based on book/manga?: Yes, So I Married an Anti-fan by Jiwan (Manhwa) Why did I press play? The premise sounded interesting. Call me cheesy, but I enjoy … Continue reading Movie Review: So I Married an Anti-fan

Review: Hot-Blood Dance Crew

First Impression Name: Hot-Blood Dance Crew Writer/director: Produced by iQiyi Date: March 2018 Number of episodes: 12 Genre: Reality/ Variety Based on book/manga?: No Why did I press play? While reading the reviews for Moonshine and Valentine, several netizens commented that Victorias forte is dancing (over acting). When this show popped up, out of seer curiosity took a peek to see … Continue reading Review: Hot-Blood Dance Crew