Brief Thoughts: Assassins Academy

Assassins Academy
Sometimes a short (6 episode) budget web series comes along, and you can sense the heart behind it: that everyone did their best to create something worth watching (within the limitations), and this is the case with Assassins Academy. The good and grounded acting was a pleasant surprise, especially by the main young cast – there is no overacting, no tantrums, few cringe moments, or cliches. My favorite part of the drama is the chemistry between the two leads and their relationship. It’s unique, but still in the realm of what we’re looking for from the leading couple (there is a major plot twist for them). As for the plot, it hits the ground running in episode two – it’s totally unexpected, gets quite dark towards the end, and frequency had me in suspense. The ending definitely set the series up for a second season — I hope it comes soon! As can be expected, the drama isn’t totally perfect, and there were a few uninteresting scenes that I forwarded.

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