Shōjo Manga Recommendations

Lately, I have been in a major Manga Reading phase and wanted to share some of my favorites. The key to good manga is being patient with a story, at the beginning the plot and characters seem silly and shallow, but as the volumes continue, they (the good ones) become mature and contain complex character development and plot progression – often exploring quite heavy themes. This is especially true for Fruit Basket, and Ouran High.

Ouran High Host Club: The ultimate Shōjo manga and a true classic!

Fruit Basket: The character development and mature themes are engrossing. The characters also physically change as they grow older in the story.

Dengeki Daisy: The characters are fun, and the author has no qualms having them often do embarrassing and quirky things.

Daytime shooting Star: Beautiful modern art, the artist is especially skilled at eyes. This one has a surprise ending.

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