Thoughts on The Oath of Love (dropped)

This was a drama I was geatly anticipating. Who can resist Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan as individual actors, never mind as a leading couple. Plus, the promotional art work was enticing.

However, the first couple of episodes can only be described as underwhelming. Both the leads are excellent actors and their skill was buried underneath a bland story, script, and using of pale (and tiring) color palette. This drama slipped by mind, after waiting a couple of days for episodes to air, and when I remembered it, I didn’t have the gusto to press on.

The scene in the first episode, where Lin Zhi Xiao is at the club and that strange interaction with Gu Wei and her dad coming in and blaming him. It’s just all too contrived, and what was supposed to be amusing is mostly unamusing. There is minimal cello playing, which was something I was looking forward to.

The second lead couple didn’t sit well. San San as a friend was wonderful, and the actress is beautiful. But in the romance department… she often went to bars by herself and then acted offended when players approached her (Gu Xiao in this case.) If she was in a library and a player hit on her, her response was appropriate, but not in a bar environment, where flirting is common place. Also, why bother meeting up with Gu Xiao, if she dislikes his player ways.

Later on, I dabbled in a few episodes, but they seemed saturated with romance – in a way that didn’t appeal to me. This drama wasn’t one I connected with.

However, I suspect the story became more interesting as time went on, so perhaps if you connected with it, it’s worth seeing though to the end.

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