Destiny’s Love – Review/Dropped

Dropped (sort of)

Name: Destiny’s Love
Date: April 2019
Number of episodes: 36
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Deity
Based on book/manga?: no

Why did I press play?  After coming to a favorable review and I gave it a go.

During which episode was it dropped? It was dropped at episode six (with some peeks into unprecedented episodes).

The only reason this drama lost its appeal is the second male lead – Tang Mao poisoned the enjoyment. His character is poorly written, accompanied by shallow dialogue that is not applicable to his job. He mainly harps on about loving or rather control Su Xi, but is infatuation is unexplained –  it’s certainly isn’t due to their dismal chemistry. His body language consists of furrows brows, menacing looks, and scowls. His movements are like that of a robot – one stiff movement at a time. On a side note, he is quite enthralled with beverages – always have one in hand (mainly wine or an espresso). Below is a perfect example of the furrowed brow.


I think a lot of it is attributed to poor acting and it’s baffling he is cast in a drama with other good actors. In contrast, Cai Shu Meng played by Wu Xin, is the same sort of two-dimensional character, yet she brings her character to life and works well within the parameters of her character and script; so much so that she has an enjoyable on-screen presence. So with that said, no excuses for Ren Yan Kai. If not for him (since he is the second lead he continuously pops up) – there is no avoiding him.  I likely would have continued with this drama till the end.

Some good points.

  • The first half a dozen episodes are hilarious. Ming En is fantastic, every second he is in character. For example, his awkwardness riding a bus for the first time, looking at what people are doing on their phones, and randomly commenting on the good scenery. Such a small scene, but I love it.
  • His character’s outlandish outfit, and his long hair – priceless. Wish his style lasted longer because it elevated the comedy.
  • It is a shame once the “misunderstanding” on who he is protecting clears up,  originally it is such a fun twist!
  • Xu Lu is wonderful in Tribes and Empires. She is a great actress and her acting skills can be trusted. She does not disappoint in this modern drama.

Some bad points

  • The technicalities of his appreciate are confusing. He stole someone’s energy and therefore they may die before age 30..? Did he escape his deity prison?

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Wen Su Xi played by Xu Lu
Chi Yu played by Zhang Ming En
Tang Mao played by Ren Yan Kai
Cai Shu Meng played by Wu Xin
Duo played by Sylvia Hsieh
Huo Shao played by Xu Yang

Theme: mmm..not sure really sure.

What it’s good for? A good laugh, lots of twist and a turn towards more serious matters. 

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