Review: Love is in the Air

First Impression/Dropped

Name: Love is in the Air
Writer/director: Ivy Chen (she is also the main female lead)
Date: January 2018
Number of episodes: 24
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Comedy
Based on book/manga?: no

Why did I press play? Young professional dramas are enjoyable to watch, therefore I gave this one a shot.

It’s interesting because it is a conventional plot, but the set up/circumstances within that are unique. Once you remove the bells and whistles, it’s a typical same old story.

Some of the unique things that peak your interest – but not for very long, are:

  • Fang Mu Ye the male lead is kind towards Jiang Yi Yi – although it’s for selfish reason.
  • The fantasy element of the supernatural “do gooders”
  • The friend/owner and staff of the gym. The setting of a gym feels fresh and fun.
  • Yi Yi love of inventing random objects.
  • Mu Ye is eye candy and has a good on screen presence. Other than that…

Things I don’t like:

  • The cast feels hodgepodge. After some investigation I conclude this is because of the huge difference in age ranges. For example. Kao Archie (Tian Q) is 49, Ivy Chen (Yi Yi) is 36, Wang Zi Qi (Mu Ye) is 23. The other cast members fit into those age ranges. It feels weird because the older folk are made to look younger and not accepted as mature late 30’s characters. Perhaps this drama would feel more natural if it rolled with the age of the cast members. It doesn’t fit well and the character chemistry just isn’t there.
  • Just scattered nonsensical odds and ends. For example Yi Yi conveniently has a camera inside her house. Quickly accepting Mu Ye as her roommate – when she doesn’t know him from a bar of soap; getting into a strangers car after fighting with her boyfriend. Of course it’s a drama and illogical things can happen. But the execution in this one just isn’t funny.
  • The drama doesn’t have a distinct feel, direction, in a subtle way it is all over the place.

It was mildly boring from the start and then becomes more so and it was dropped. 

Who are the main characters?
Jiang Yi Yi played by Ivy Chen
Fang Mu Ye played by Wang Zi Qi
Wei Jie played by Ying Shiuan Hsieh
An Ji played by Zhang Bai Jia
Chu Tian Qi played by Kao Archie

Theme: Working on what you love on the side.  

What it’s good for? mmmmm…..not sure. Maybe something to watch during a lunch break?

Interesting Facts:
Ivy Chen, the female lead is also the main actress in this drama. From the looks of it this is her debut as a directer of drama.

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