Review: Another Miss Oh


Name: Another Miss Oh
Writer/director: Park Hae Young/ Song Hyun Wook 
Date: June May 2016
Number of episodes: 18
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Melodrama, Comedy
Based on book/manga?: no

Why did I press play? The synopsis and promotion art work were weird, but curiosity got the best of me.

Thoughts: The plot has the same ups and downs are other dramas, but it had a unique twist to it. Many issues got resolved and many reactions to events unexpected. There is an undeniable chemistry between the couple – hello “kissing against the wall scene.”

Park Soo Kung  (Do Kyung’s older sister) is a highlight the show. Her eccentric ways and unexpected responses. Eg. People misunderstand her irritable bowel syndrome as micromanaging because the always walking through the office. Her crazy hair after she’s been drinking, and the list goes on.
There is an interesting mix of comedy and drama. For example, Hae Yeong #1 out of misery and intoxication calling into the radio station and accidentally giving her name, so the whole world now knows her story.

There are some annoying supporting cast. Another negative are the long drown out “roses falling” or other abstract type scenes. The ending wraps up quite nicely tying in pieces throughout the drama that you didn’t realize will relate together. I watch the this drama from start to finish.

Who are the main characters?
Park Do Kyung played by Eric Mun
Oh Hae Yeong #1 played by Seo Hyun Jin
Oh Hae Yeong #2 played by Jeon Hye Bin
Han Tae Jin played by Lee Jae Yoon
Lee Jun Sang played by Kim Ji Suk
Park Soo Kung played by Ye Ji Won

Theme: Keeping moving forward, one step at a time – no matter how random things are! 

What it’s good for? When your drama plate is clean and you’re willing to snoop around some old-ish dramas.

Interesting Facts: This drama shares the same director as:

  • Introverted Boss
  • Revolutionary Love
  • Meloholic
  • The Beauty Inside

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