Review: Demon Master

First Impression

Name: The Demon Master
Date: November 2018
Number of episodes: 46
Genre: Romance, School, Youth
Based on book/manga?: yes

This is such a wonderful drama! It is the first casual-type drama in a long that has that “something is special.” The romance scenes of Qi Lu pursuing Chu Xia make drama heart flutter – something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

There is a great mix of comedy from the pseudo “F4”, fun campus troupes, an unexpectedly mature feel to it. Undoubtably, these goodies stem from excellent writing, a substantial plot, and perfectly casted actors – who are talented.

The first episode is a bit weird, but the weirdness is restricted to only a few scenes, the episode is crucial to understanding the story.

This drama is season three of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me. It’s not necessary to have watched the prequel… but it’s worth at least skimming through to. It explains and adds more depth to the couples history and dynamic. Because of their past relationship – their behavior is logical and therefore enjoyable to watch.

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