Serendipity – Mini First Impression

Name: Serendipity
Writer/director: Henri Liu
Date: August 2021
Number of episodes: 40
Genre: Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, Archeology.
Based on book/manga?: Yes, Gong Xue Has Bandits by Wu Yu

Why did I press play? I watched the ending credits and there was one scene that intrigued me, and lead me to read reviews and many poeple said it’s a hidden gem.

Thoughts and observations: This is indeed an underated gem. It’s as if a talented script writer and directer have great senses of humor, and accepted a low budget drama, and had fun with it.

What’s Good

  • Although much of the plot is silly, no character is actually silly. No one makes you cringe or relies on overacting. This is due to the combination of a well written script, and good acting.

  • The humor is top notch in this and there is variety, some scene will have you laughing out loud, like when that gangster from the opposing gang eats the french fries. To smaller things, such as, Yun Sui character profile as a princess. Personality: Traditional and straightforward. Skills: nothing. How often to princess in dramas has no skills! Too often!

  • The scene in episode 2 (minute 32:40) is just perfect, and I watched it many times. Not only was the camera angle and good acting, but it showed that the male leas is not the arch typical “cold, distant, and rude,” but actually like a normal human being. He’s not falling in love with her in this moment, but taking a moment to enjoy her, and her accomplishments, his heart softened towards he started seeing her as a woman and not a stranger who merely has the bracelet he needs and for her to complete the mission.

  • Another scene that I liked was when Wan Wan says early on that Mu Xiao has moment she has 0%. Just this line further rooted script credibility. This means that despite Yan Sui handsomeness, Mu Xiao doesn’t randomly trust him, simply because he is the male lead. But acts suspicious of him and doesn’t want to stay with him. This seems like a normal reaction for a gal in this unique situation.

  • Mu Xiao is so consistent with her character in the post-apocalyptic world. The way she constantly holds onto her bag cracks me up. The constant badgering of the book to accept her mission frustrates her and keeps trying to wave it away from her face. Only when she is settled does she investigate what on earth it is. The way her character’s feelings merge with her own is also a nice touch.

  • The chemistry between the two leads if simply fabulous and so is their relationship. They have a healthy and enjoyable relationship. It’s exciting to see their relationship evolve. Yan Sui is so sweet how he wants to complete the mission of the second story quickly, so that he doesn’t have to marry the other princess.

  • It’s amusing how constantly awkward Xiao Mi when he see’s the two leads together in the period and contemporary stories. To him, it a married princess and her unmarried cousin having a romance. In the modern story his boss who is afraid of women, has these intimate moments with Mu Xiao, yet can’t remember anything of it. The scene where they are on the bed in one room and down the hall the other two co-workers are flirting, and he is just awkwardly stuck between these two couples.

What’s Not So Good

  • When you have realistic expectations considering the style of story and the drama’s budget, there aren’t many flaws in this one. However, if I picked one thing it would be Mu Xiao, three friends, they are so clearly there to give plot information, and don’t seem like living, breathing unique individuals, but heck that may have been intentional and part of the fun, or rather making fun of this worn out arch. I suspect this may be the case, because they don’t try to hide it, and even exaggerate it.

Overall, this is the perfect little 12 episode weekend drama.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them? ( Couldn’t track down most of the actors)
Yan Sui played by Sky Li – male lead
Mu Xiao Ru played by Wen Mo Yan – female lead
Wan Wan played by Song Yi Xiong – Yan Sui’s bff
Xiao Mi played by Wei Ran – Yan Sui assistant

Theme: Just roll with it with the odd things that come your way.

What’s it good for:  When you’re in the mood for something silly and oddly grounded.

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