My Heroic Husband – Review

Name: My Heroic Husband
Qin Wen / Deng Ke
Date: February 2021
Number of episodes: 36
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Time Travel, Marriage, Merchant
Based on book/manga?: Yes, “Zhui Xu” by Fen Nu de Xiang Jiao

Why did I press play?
The synopsis is irresistible, it’s the same makers of Joy of Life, and the casting of the leads is intriguing.

What’s good

  • Ning Yi, our male lead, is simply brilliant, both in terms of intelligence and how his character is written. Of course, he is not the conventional dashing lead, but pretty early on he becomes attractive in his own right, and you forget he is not drop dead gorgeous, or rather it doesn’t matter. The moment his attractiveness bloomed to make him lead worthy, was during his wedding ceremony with Su Tan Er. Wu Qi Hao shows up, claiming the women and a young boy with him, is Ning Yi’s son. Ning Yi new to this foreign body, has no idea if it’s true. Quickly he figures out this Qi Hao is lying and is using this ruse to stop the marriage happening. His scheme is taking advantage of an unreliable paternity blood test that is easily tampered to “prove” the boy is his son. However, Ning Yi turns the table and uses the same trick and mixes his with Qi Hao blood, and the test is, of course, positive. Here Ning Yi, says one of the best lines of the drama, “If I am his dad, then I am your dad”. Qi Hao brimming with pride and arrogance is furious at this disgraceful claim, and can only admit defeat and that the boy is not his son, nor the women a past fling. It is funny when some of the by standers speculate that Ning Yi is his dad, and Qi Hao indignantly responds that he is older than Ning Yi. This entire part of the plot is superb in all aspects.

  • As for the female lead. I don’t deny that she is a good actress and brings Tan Er to life, but I’m not drawn to Song Yi as an actress, at least not as a lead. Although I liked their relationship, I didn’t get butterflies or anticipate their scenes together. To me their chemistry is mediocre. On a side note, can we just admit how awkward and unexpected that “bed moving” scene was. How mortifying to film that, and keep a straight face.

  • These two love birds and they are love birds, have such a healthy relationship. There is the usual tension of not knowing each other and the impending divorce, but between them they treat each other with respect, and sincerely enjoy each other’s company. Ning Yi is just what she needed in her life, in terms of who he is as a spouse and his support in her career. She was really struggling to keep it all afloat and dealing with her uncle and cousins underhanded plots.

  • Speaking of her uncle and cousin. These characters are full of surprises. In the first third of the drama they are unlikable, villainous, and manipulative. As the drama progresses and they go through various circumstances and make unexpected decisions, they become endearing and bring much comedy to the story.

  • The matrilocal aspect of the drama is original, refreshing, charming, and leaves food for thought. The comedy is on point and perfect. But more than this, these husbands and their experiences as matrilocal husbands brings up many points to think about such as, how to get along with your spouse, how to appreciate them, struggles you have with them, fulling duties, and learning through Ning Yi encouragement to spread their wings to things inside and outside of the home. It’s great to see how these guys grow, blossom, and love their wives even more. Hopefully, the single guy finds a lady soon…. maybe season 2?

  • It was fun how unashamedly Ning Yi incorporating things from the modern world. It was hilarious when he tried to test whether Lou Shu Wan is also from the future – we still don’t know 100% whether she is or not. 

Da Biao:
What is this girl thinking? She and her fellow bandits, annexed a city, slaughtered people at the drop of a hat, yet she thinks she is above board and caring for helping citizens. Unaware that she is part of the reason they need help and protection. Yes, she personally didn’t physically harm them. She has strong convictions that they deserve the city and is loyal to the cause of taking it over.

Olivia Jiang plays Da Biao and based on this role, she is a talented actress. It was a pleasant surprise. There are two emotional scenes towards the end and she holds her own, even outshines Guo Qi Lin. In the one where they are in the forest, she holds the entire scene, not faltering for a second. It reminds me of Peng Xiao Rah, who played Xiao Feng in “Goodbye My Princess”.

This may be the first time that there is a young woman commander that is bubbly, but also serious. Even though she is bubbly, she is not silly, or overly aggressive to show her “power”. Olivia Jiang bought this character to live and delivered more than we could have hoped for. She can carry a lot of expression with her eyes and her voice is lovely and feminine. The contrast of her feminine voice, and masculine attire, and body language provides an interesting contrast. It illustrates that although she is doing what is typically a man’s role, she is still a woman.

This answer to this question was left hanging in the air: did Ning Yi have any feelings for Da Biao? Or was it truly because it hurt him that he ended up hurting (he knew he would) a friend or somewhere he came to respect? 

What’s not so good

  • The direction of the story takes a sharp turn in the last quarter. It expands the story and creates many more opportunities for Ning Yi’s career and influence. But on a personal note, I would have liked a neat story, with a boy wrapped on at the end. The story started in Wu kingdom, where he became a family man, and it would have been great if it ended here too. He himself early on stated that he wants to live his days in a peaceful and enjoyable life with his new family. In the end it’s strange that he was open to her staying behind, while he goes to the capital. It was out of sync. Perhaps he thought he adores her, he got used to living without her while he was a hostage? Hopefully not. There is charm in a story delving into the daily life of a local community.

  • The appearance of the Jing King and his plots have held little to no interest for me. The actor who plays him is not an actor that gets on my nerves and I don’t look forward to seeing more of him in season two (if there is a season two). He does has a warrior look to him, but it’s a range of acting skills he’s missing.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Ning Yi played by Guo Qi Lin
Su Tan Er played by Song Yi
Liu Xi Gua / Liu Da Biao played by Olivia Jiang (female bandit leader and likes Ning Yi)
Wu Qi Hao played by Dai Xiang Yu (the guy who likes Tan Er)
Su Zhong Kan played by Yue Yang (Tan Er’d Uncle)
Su Wen Xing played by Liu Guan Lin (Tan Er’s cousin)
He Yaun Chang played by Qing Bo (Left Chancellor)
Lu Hong Ti played by Shang Yu Xian (Assassin)
Fang Tian Lei played by Hai Yi Tian (Bandit leader)
Su Bo Yong played by Feng Hui (Tan Er’s father)
Lou Shu Wan played by Zhu Zhu (Tan Er’s friend and owner of clothing shop)
Geng Hu Yuan played by Wang Cheng Si (Su Gaurd manner and likes writing fiction)
Madam Yang played by Zhang Jing Tong (Xinmen Borther)

and many more!

Theme: Make the most of where you, adore your spouse, and support those you love.

What is it good for? Motivation to complete all chores, and responsibilities, so that you can totally unwind with this engaging drama.

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