Drama Recommendations #3 – updated

Here are a few recent dramas that are worth checking out.

Without further ado…

  1. Hikaru no Go – a great non romance, but highly entertaining drama.
  2. Dear Mayang Street – The romance between the main (will they stay main?) couple leaves a deep impression. Have only the first couple of episodes.
  3. Fearless Whisper – Highly intriguing and a non-cringe republican drama.
  4. Live on – this Korean high school has an adult feel to it, particularly as it digs into one reality of being a social media star.
  5. To Love – a thrilling drama!!
  6. Healer of Children – dropped – no longer recommend. The amount of product placement is offensive.
  7. True Beauty – On episode two and it’s becoming of my favorite dramas of the year.
  8. You Complete me
  9. Run On – Only watch two episodes, but it has potential to also become one of my favorite dramas of 2020.
  10. Extraordinary You – Utterly binge worthy. It gets better and better and eventually addresses adults themes. The acting is top-notch. There are so many mouth-watering handsome guys! Definitely stick with this drama. In the new years, I’ll mostly likely write a review hidden gem.
  11. Maiden Homes

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