Healer of Children

Name: Healer of Children
Writer/director: Wang Haun / Yang Lei
Date: September 2020
Number of episodes: 44
Genre: Life, Drama, Medical, Romance (sort of).
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? I am quite a fan of actress, Olivia Wang

Just what on earth went wrong? This drama is a total waste of the actors talents and the production stuffs efforts. It’s as if all the energy went to writing the numerous medical cases and the love life was squeezed in and it is dismal, random, and makes no scenes. It’s a good drama till around episode 12.

Olivia Wang’s acting was just awful, which is unnecessary because she has shown her skills in “When a snail falls in love” and “Ode to Joy .” She pretty much resorts to having an innocent and clueless expression, tilting her head down, running her hands through her hair, and looking back up. She must have constantly needed to wash her hair with that move.

There is one fantastic scene, which I watched several time. Where Zi Ang is insulting her and she stands up to her by calmly exampling that she has spent years studying, interning and getting her surgical certificate and who is he to completely disrespect her qualifications. This sense filled with what was to come – which ended up being nothing and the turning point for the drama to go down hill.

Chen Xiao is a good actor, attractive and he was excellent in “Nothing Gold can stay ” So he is also clearly a competent actor. But after several episodes he was so trapped in the confines of the bad the plot, script, his talents are wasted.

The product placement OH MY GOODNESS. It’s practically offensive. Entire scenes are plot lines that are interjected to advertise. I understand that this is a rare that a drama showcases many lives of children and parents, and an opportunity to advertise children’s items, but I mean… this is too much.

When there is finally a glimmer of romance between the leads – and the story desperately needs this glimmer of hope. Because the romance between the second leads is immersed in product placement.

One of the key moments happens when Jia Ren stays at Zi Ang’s house to look after a dog for a few days because he does not like dogs. Then he makes her clean the house and watches her and apparently finds her highly attractive as she vacuums and brushes her hair back. He even takes a photo and she giggles at the romance of it later that night when he messages it to her. I couldn’t even keep watching but there was a long scene where she is wearing one of his shirts and even Jain Ren (Gu) comes over and sees this. Anyway with this whole side plot her intelligence has dwindled to a flickering flame. Where is the gifted intelligent girl we got to know in the beginning of the drama? 

One unique and cool things about this drama is that much of it is filmed at an actual hospital. This created a realistic vibe. There are always so many people in the scenes. The end of the drama, shows footage of this. 

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them? ( Couldn’t track down most of the actors)
Deng Zi Ang played by Chen Xiao
Jiao Jai Ren played by Olivia Wang
Gu Jia Ren played by Jia Qing
Xu Bing Ze played by Calvin Yu
Wang Hang played by Zhu Jia Qi
Fang Man played by Zhang Man
Xia Yong Qiang played by Guan Zi Jing
Li Yu Ma played by Gaun Le
Cheng Zhi Tao played by Zhang Song

Theme: Apparently your EM IQ and common sense can dropped drastically at the hands of script writer.

What is it good for? Getting your drama hopes up.

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