Extraordinary You – Thoughts

Name: Extraordinary You
Writer/director: In Ji Hye, Song Ha Young /Kim Sang Hyub, Kim Sang Woo
Date: October 2019
Number of episodes: 32
Genre: School, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Friendship
Based on book/manga?: Not sure

Why did I press play? Last year when it was released I took a gander at the first episode and thought it is cheesy. With more reviews – favorible ones. I picked it up to try again.

What’s good
The female lead is just awesome. She had the hardest job of all and carried most of the drama, as she was the focal point of the story. Kim Hye Yoon needs to be commended for the constant energy that never ceased – filming a drama must be tiring, but she gave 100% till the final episode. Typically a bubbly female lead can be cringful to watch and downright boring because her this can be over the top, and unrealistic. However not in Extraordinary You. Kim Hye Yoon pulls off being bubbly without resorting to typical tribes of “hitting” and doing cutesy talk – that no one in real life does – well hopefully not.

Incredibly good looking cast. The guys are swoon worthy – it’s a total treat for the eyes! But not only that, these gentlemen are excellent actors and held their own in each scene regardless of the emotion required.

The chemistry between these guys just as prominant and valuable as that of the differnt couples. The strong dislike and tension between Ha Ru and Baek Gyang was practically tangable. Oddly enough, it’s difficult to distinguish who is actually the ultimate male lead of the drama, perhaps there is none and it is shared between three guys.

They guys’ relationship with Eun Dan Oh is also unique.  This story perfectly illustrates how the same person reacts differently to different people depending on their relationship, personalities, and situations. For example, she becomes good friends with Do Hwa, forms a connection which leads to a romance with Ha Ru, ect.
Often in a drama a character is the no matter who they talk to. But in this story the variety is more realistic and therefore enjoyable to watch. The more I think about the ultimate strength of the drama: the unique and distinct interactions between characters. It creates a fascinating watch, despite what’s happening in the plot.

The fantastic character development. This is partly a tribute to the nature of “being aware”. There has to be internal growth to realise that and to learn to function within the world of the comic. Pacing of the plot and characters are spot on.

The plot is left field, but it works,

Later on while on “stage” you can see how they really feel by the expression in their eyes. It’s how quik the stage is and the shadlow life can continue immediately. I appreciate that the writers did this. It avoided any drag.

Writer leaves them alone, again this avoids unnecessary drama.

Why is the comic available in the library and an official invitation for those who read it to become aware though?

I wans’t a fan of that girl that came in toward the end. Her look and body language was out of sorts with the other characters. She didn’t fit in well with the already established characters.

There really are no annoying characters. Even the troublemakers on the stage are likable. The exception being Baek Gyang dad, but that’s more related to what the character does and not the character.

Eun Dan Oh’s room is beautiful room – what a dream room! It is always nice seeing her relaxing in there.

The drama’s name is clever and has a double meaning. Both meaning conveying the two messages of the plot.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Eun Dan Oh played by Kim Hye Yoon
Ha Ru/Number 13 played by Ro Wood
Baek Gyang played by Lee Jae Wook (Dan’s fiance)
Yeo Joo Da played by Lee Na Eun (female lead in comic)
Lee Do Hwa played by Jung Fun Joo (third member A3 & likes Joo Da)
Oh Nam Joo played by Kim Young Dae (male lead in comic)
Jin Mi Chae/Dried Squid Fairy played by Lee Tae Ri

Theme: Be the main character in your life. No one can take your value away from you.

What’s it good for:  Once all the day’s tasks are done, you’re in your pajamas and ready to watch and to watch a drama that transports you to a unique world.

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