Thoughts on Love O2O

Name: Love 020
Writer/director: Gu Man, Scarlett OuYang, Fei Xian Shen/Lin Yu Fen, Guo Hu
Date: August 2016
Number of episodes: 30
Genre: Love, Gaming, college life
Based on book/manga?: Yes, A Smile is Beautiful by Gu Man.

General Thoughts:

My first couple of dramas I watched upon my entrance to C-drama-land were “Eternal Love” followed by “Nirvana on Fire”. Not long after I came across Love O2O, which was my first college/slice of life drama. And apart from the completely random name, I loved it! Out of all the positive encounters, what impressed me the most is how well they handled the leads relationship once they got together. It always stayed quite exciting and enjoyable to see unfold. In many dramas the story either ends, once the leads get together, or after their first kiss, the rest of their on screen time is awkward and dims the appeal of vicariousness (Maiden Homes comes to mind).

The gaming element was enjoyable and elevated what could have been conventional story to en exciting one. It added another layer and let the character have something they are passionate about in common. Plus this creates more context for why he pursues her.

The story is easy to watch because there is a lack of “villains” and angst. It’s just a normal (well almost normal) progression of things. The romantic scenes are so fun and often unexpected. From the get-go, Bei Wei Wei character is intelligent and disciplined. She always sets her own agenda and doesn’t go with the flow. Although once she and Xiao Nai are a couple she often does concede to him, but this could potentially be considered as part of transitioning into an item that can work together. All makes it easy to get into the story.

The misunderstandings with her and Zhao We Xi is unfortunate though. Her accidental love story with Cao Gunag is super fun!

This drama is well worth checking out.

What were the first Chinese dramas you watched?

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them? ( Couldn’t track down most of the actors)
Xiao Nai played by Yang Yang – make lead
Bei Wei Wei played by Zheng Shaung – female lead
Zhao Er Xi played by Rachel Mao – Wei Wei’s best friend
Cao Guang played by Bai Yu – love triangle with Wei Wei
Meng Yiran played by Ma Chunrui – School’s beauty and has a crush on Xia Nai
Hao Mei /Mo Zha Ta played by Zheng Cheng 0
Yu Ban Shan played by Niu Jun Feng Xiao roommate
KO played by Vin Zhang – top hacker
Zhen Shao Xiang played by Ryan Zhang
Zhao Er Xi played by Rachel Mao
Cao Guang played by Bai Yu
Xiao Yu Yao played by Guan Xin
Xiao Ling played by Qin Yu – Wei Wei’s rich roommate
Tian Si Si played by Song Yi Xing – Wei Wei’s roommate
and the list goes on…

Theme: Persur your passions in both careers and recreation.

What is it good for? Binging!

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