Small List of Drama Recommendations

Below are a few dramas that I have been enjoying lately, and worth checking out.

  1. Hospital Playlist – slow paced, clever, well crafted.
  2. Once Again – family drama (has father is strange vibes)
  3. I’ll Find You a Better Home (slow paced, kind of boring, but interesting enough to keep watching.
  4. Serenade of Peaceful Joy (on “to watch list”)
  5. A Piece of Your Mind – did find it boring after episode 6, but might go back to it.
  6. I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice – slow paced, visually appealing, and a relaxing watch.
  7. The King The Eternal Monarch (coming April 17 and stars Lee Min Ho – need I say more)
  8. Joy of Life – AMAZING
  9. Hunting – very similar to When a Snail falls in Love. Slow introduction of character, which makes each episode exciting. Plus Wang Kai… need I say more?

Will add to the list if anything else good crops up. 

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