Thoughts: Princess Agents

There is something special about Princess Agents. The plot is interesting, the casting great, cinematography ect..

However because it does have the “heart-tug” factor, there are a lot of highs and lows that come with it. There is little neutral ground for this drama.

Personally I felt much of the story (prominently the romance between Chu Qiao and Yu Wen Yue) is like a horse and a carrot analogy. What you’re wanting, although visible is a missed by just a hair. The moment when  Qiao misunderstands Yu’s secret conversation, blew all hope to pieces. Even worse, Yue has no idea what caused her change of heart, therefore unable to clear that air. Her expression hurt and crying that night is very real, as she pours out all her hurt. I wish there was no misapprehension and they become a couple early on.

The plot is dense, often a little incoherent, and many scenes, although good, dragged on and pulled too thin. For example, her fighting scene with Jin Zhu. Also the annihilation of Yun family. Although Shawn Diu did give his utmost in what I’m sure was grueling filming.

Her flashbacks to the past, always left me on tenterhooks. The whole fighting scene in the carriage and when she fights through all those soldiers in her escape. I wish that part of her history was revealed – but it stayed wishful thinking. During the main plot, many of her fighting scenes are strong, because she confidently just goes for it! For example. Throwing her knife right in that princes eyes. But these pale in comparison to her forgotten past. 

There is of course much more to say, but these are the thoughts currently mulling around. Just on a side note, the image above is one of my favorites scenes in the whole drama. It’s cute, playful, and telling.


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