Review: Your Highness


Name: Your Highness
Date: November 2017
Number of episodes: 20
Genre: Gaming, Wuxia 
Based on book/manga?: Not sure

Why did I press play? The newly released sequel (Your Highness) brought this to my attention. It came highly recommended by many comments, which convinces me to check it out.

There is definitely a great comedy element and surprise factor. For example, Qin Zhan unexpected stretches before annihilating another character. The first few scenes of Zhao Xu and his unsuccessful attempt at rescuing a damsel – landing in the lake.

This genre isn’t my cup of tea. The story is set within a gaming fantasy world, but you never see the gamers in real life at their computers and once Qin Zhan is stuck in the game, it simply feels like a continuation of his character before it happened.

This show was dropped. There is nothing that intrigued me enough to stick around. The potential romances are a little ho hum because little chemistry could be spotted. Yu Chen’s continual breezing to higher levels annoyed me – gotta put in work.

If you do like this genre, it’s worth checking out.

Who are the main characters?
Qin Zhan played by Kenny Kwan
Yu Chen played by Sun Xu Ning
Zhao Xu played by Hsu Darren
Shou Er played by Lu Zhuo

Theme: Possibilities of gaming

What it’s good for? Unless you like the genre – not much.

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