First Impression: Abyss

Teeny Tiny First Impression

Name: Abyss
Writer/director: Moon Soo Yeon/ Yoo Je Woon 
Date: May 2019
Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Supernatural, Crime, Romance, Comedy
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? Look a few weeks when it came out and wasn’t interested. Later I read the synopsis more carefully and got the green light.

The Good

  • Very well casted. The characters and actors are a mixed bag, it adds a colorful, and lively dynamic.
  • Ahn Hyo Seop is handsome, but there is no trace of vanity in his acting. It’s a hoot watching him enjoy his new “wowza” appearance. For example. When his chiseled chest is exposed through the wet shirt, while squirming with shyness tries to cover it up – women are swooning at the sight.  
  • The cameo of Jung So Min and Seo In Guk.
  • Exploring the interesting theme of how appearance affects your life – it provides food for thought.

The not so Good

  • Body changing aside, the crime/murder plot is nothing new.
  • Unnecessary graphic scenes. Particular the girl kidnapped and you see her bare feet and legs before she’s.. (murdered?) I forwarded the scene, so not sure.
  • A few logistical loopholes.
  • At this point, there is little hope of romance between the leads. 
  • Around episode three the plot starts to become a mess.

It’s early days and interest is already starting to fizzle…

Who are the main characters? Who plays them?
Go Se Yeon played by Park Bo Young
Cha Min played by Ahn Hyo Seop
Oh Young Cheol played by Lee Sung Jae
Park Dong Cheol played by Lee Shi Eon
Seo Ji Wook played by Kwon Soo Hyun

Theme: How much does appearance matter?

What is it good for? Try to watch something new.

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