Review: My Little Princess

Skimmed Through

Name: My Little Princess 亲爱的公主病
Writer/director: Yu Zhong Zhong
Date: August 2016
Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, School, Comedy
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? I’m a sucker for High school/college dramas! Throw in a rich princess and a love triangle, couldn’t resist.

During which episode was it dropped? Skimmed through most of the drama – never fully dropped.

A few thoughts and observations:

  • Fun, fluffy and charming. It’s always fun to peek into the life of uber wealthy. Her bedroom is so over the top!
  • No ground breaking themes or plots.
  • Pretty bad acting, dubbing, and overuse of music.
  • Theres is some random and cheesy elements, such as, the bear costume that keeps cropping up and how she confides in it. Plus the exaggerated reaction to injuries is down-right cringeful!

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Lin Xing Chen played by Zhang Yu Xi
Jiang Nian Yu played by Mike Angelo
Li Xing Chen played by Zhang Yu Xi

Theme: You never know what unexpected troubles come with being an heiress on a mission to find the right beau.

What it’s good for? In the mood for something lighthearted and to wash away remnants of a hard day.

Interesting Facts:
There is a sequel: Dear Prince, 2017

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