Review: It’s Okay, This is Love


Name: It’s Ok, This is Love
Writer/director: No Hee-Kyung/ Kim Kyu-Tae
Date: July 2014
Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, past trauma
Based on book/manga?:  No

Why did I press play? Stumbling into the drama Dirty Carnival, Zo In-Sung’s acting is highly praised and I wanted to watch another (a non gangster) of his. Hence I decided on  It’s Ok, This is Love. A few years back I attempted to give it a go and dropped it early on. I gave it another shot – I may like it this time.

During which episode was it dropped? Originally I thought it was dropped at episode six, turns out is was episode two – it’s that dull. I did scan a couple of other episodes incase it got better, but no. For example, the waterfall scene. Show’s often have a full-on first episode with explicit content to try get your attention.  Presuming this is the case, I kept watching, only to find that the first episode actually did represent the rest of the show.

What is good?

  • Hae-Soo’s sunglasses in episode two – and her and Soo-gwang matching lounging outfits. Her usual amazing fashion scene – that’s pretty much the same in her other dramas.

What is bad?
Despite experienced actors, the acting was bad. Unfortunately Zo In-sung’s talents went to waste,  all he does it have close-up on his face, while he gives smoldering looks or sly smiles. Of course he’s good-looking, but a girl needs a little more than that. As for Kong Hyo-jin , more and more she is the same in each drama. Her character’s get buried under her personality and mannerisms. Because of this her emotional range as an actress is limited to certain scope, so her scenes aren’t enthralling.

The story has the pretense that each character is deep, but just because they have an array of person issues, doesn’t make them living breathing believable characters or even deep. The show’s pretends they are complex, but that are only on paper.  It like a small bullet point blurb was created for each character. None of them had a lot of heart nor made me feel invested. Which maybe this would have been better as a novel. It’s like each person only focused on portraying the bizarre nuances of their characters. So much so that there is little room for chemistry between the cast, nor a motivation to build it.

None of the people are relatable, because I don’t think any of act like the average person. Like nothing really phases them and they can casually handle thing. For example. Ji Hae-soo , goes clubbing, gets attacked, accidentally and with no remorse attacks Jang Jae-Yeol. The in a stolen car, does a car chase, calls cops, almost falls on a cliff, saves patient, all in the one breath without any fluctuation in emotion. Then she has no interest in contacting Jae-Yeol. Honestly, I don’t think after an experience like that, you’d leave a posted note. Part from being a good opponent in a talk show, he hadn’t done anything to harm her.

Later when he recognises her boyfriend, immediately and privately tells her about his  philandering activities before she has a “celebration” night. After that Jae-Yeol nonsensical blames him for days with rude and immature behavior.

The story is just weird with their overt talk of sex, which in all honesty doesn’t have much to do with the plot. So it’s distasteful. They throw it in when they can.

Also how they portray mental illness is also off. They use it for comedy, when that really doesn’t watch the tone of the show. In Love Me Heal He, they also dealt with mental illness in a comedy way, but it still felt somewhat respectful. Also of track, but Old Boy has a character with a mental illness and it is handled and told in a dignified way. Not a cliché scene of someone crazy running down the streets etc..


Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Jang Jae-Yeol played by Zo In-sung  Male lead
Ji Hae-soo played by Kong Hyo-jin Female lead
Jo Dong-min played by Sung Dong-il Older guy she lives with
Park Soo-Gwang played by Lee Kwang-soo Younger guy she lives with
Lee Young-jin played by Jin Kyung Dong-min’s ex-wife

Theme: A mile wide and an inch deep.

What it’s good for? To shake your head at a drama in disapprove.

Interesting Facts: Don’t even care

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