Review: Emperors and Me


Name: Emperors and Me
Writer/director: ?
Date: January 2019
Number of episodes: 24
Genre: Time Travel, University Drama, Romance.
Based on book/manga? Unable to 100% confirm, it may be based on a manga.

Why did I press play? The synopsis of the drama sounds like a lot of fun.

As mentioned above the plot is intriguing, chicle, and fun. Unfortunately, this goes to waste because the drama has no heart to it – it doesn’t have that something special. Consequently, all the flaws eventually can’t be overlooked. This is a real bummer!

Some of the positives:

  • The introduction scene (he is the god of time), when we first see the two leads,  it hints at a good story to come.
  • Luo Xi character quickly gets an ally that believes her that this guy is from the past. It’s her best friend’s (who is stuck in the past) boyfriend. He helps her solve problems and deal with Qin.
  • How quickly Luo accepts and helps Qin. Luo Xi doesn’t leave him on the streets.
    A few of the amusing one-liners. For example, the police officer said. “Judging by your hair, you must be an artist”.
  • Xi persuades and convinces Qin to trust and appreciate his mother.

Some of the major flaws are:

  • It’s got some dark themes despite a romantic comedy premise. For example, getting drugged quite openly and a sleazy man hovering around.
  • People falling off a building – although it is the original portal for time travel.
    The bad acting, inconsistent and shallow characters.
  • So many unrealistic moments, that make the characters just plain dumb. For example, Qin uses Luo’s shower and she stands guard and doesn’t let her roommates enter. Then the two proceed to have a conversation at a normal volume, this sort magical “sound blocking” happens several times. Another example is his modern clothes appearing out of thin air.
  • The chemistry just isn’t there.
  • The male leads could be considered eye-candy, but the shallowness saps all attraction.
  • Underdeveloped characters.
  • A total lack of logic.
  • It’s all a little messy.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Luo Xi played by Dai Wen Wen
Qin Shang played by Gao Yai Yu
Mu Rong Yu played by Liu Hao Hong
Guo Yan played by Gao Ji Cai

Theme: Love can be found in unexpected places – apparently even the past.

What it’s good for? Not entirely sure.

Interesting Facts: None

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