Review: King is Not Easy

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Name: King is Not Easy (It’s Not Easy Being King)
Writer/director: Yu Zheng (screenwriter)
Date: Aug 2017
Number of episodes: 20
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Based on book/manga?:

Why did I press play? The exact reason why has slipped my mind. It was most likely discovered while perusing for a light hearted drama to watch.

Synopsis: Da Xi, a young women arbors a dream to marry a man with unsurpassed beauty. One day she spots a man that fits the criteria and it’s love at first sight – for her at least. His name is Shao Yong and his career is in the military, specifically a royal guard. In order to be close to him, she decides to enter the palace via occupancy as a maid. Not long after, she regrets her decision and attempts to escape by climbing a wall. Her plans fail when she meets Emperor Ji, because he takes her for an assassin. Instead of preventing her escape, an incident occurs and the pair swap bodies. She is now king and he a lowly maid.

During which episode was it dropped? During episode three I stopped being fully invested in the main plot. It become a bit boring and sort of drifted away. The best part of the whole drama is the skit that crops up at the end of each episode – it’s called “The Couple”: Short Skits.  They are priceless! many of them apt and entertaining and qualified for a re-watch. An example, is when she swaps her big KFC bucket for his healthy meal, during her live interactions with fans. These episode connects the historic and the modern.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Emperor Ji Man played by Zhang Yi
Da Xi played by Bai Lu

Emperor Yi Man is such a fun character. Yi Jie comedic acting is on point and really elevated the comedy and entertainment of the story.
Da Xi has a mature confidence about her and she is very beautiful. These these attributes bleed into the character and create a bit of depth. In regards to comedy,  she does a decent job during the body swap, but is much funnier as a herself in the skits.

Theme: Navigating a body swap is no easy task.

What it’s good for?  When you’re in a good mood, it will lift your spirits even more.

Interesting Facts: None

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