The World Owes Me A First Love – Quick Review

Name: The World Owes Me A First Love
Date: Sept 2019
Number of episodes: 24
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Workplace
Based on book/manga?: Yes, First Love by An Si Yuan

Why did I press play? The synopsis sounded like fun. I wanted to watch something lighthearted while waiting for new Love and Destiny episodes to air.

Initial Thoughts: Xia Di (Xing Xhao Lin) is charming! Despite portraying a stand-offish CEO, his body language is very relaxed. This emulates the warmth and his variety of small facial expressions is priceless. It’s him that kept me watching. Xing Yun (Bai Lu) is also delightful in her happy-go-lucky attitude – although her hairstyle, particularly the poof at the top is an odd choice – supposedly it reflects the quirkiness of the character.  On a side note – it’s refreshing to see Bai Lu play a modern and lighthearted character. She is such fun in the skits end of episodes of King is Not Easy.

The good

  • The amazing first kissing scene between the leads – Xhao Lin brought his A-game!
  • The ease of watching two experienced and talented actors at the helm. The supporting cast wasn’t quite up to the same standard, had they been, this drama could have been more unique.
  • Xia Di and Xing Yun personality chemistry. They know each other so well, it blooms is a charming familiarity between them – although Xing Yun is always kept on her toes for fear of the end of year bonus deduction! The progression of their relationship is priceless. It’s interesting to see how both relaxed and proactive Di is towards Yun. For example, he typically doesn’t linger after dropping her off or speaking to her, and then is happy to whisk her away from any dates she has with potential suitors.
  • Xing Yun’s relationship with her parents – they have so much fun together! In general the story values family as members try to help each other as best they can.
  • Solid friendships between characters, there is a loyalty and support that is carried across the board.
  • The fashion, I always enjoyed seeing what everyone is wearing, from business to casual.

 The bad

  • The fairly conventional plot – no real surprises.
  • There is an unexpected element of melodrama, some it’s interesting, for example, the real story behind Shen Qing’s ex-husband. However and unfortunately, most of the melodrama is targeted at intervening with TIG (Xia Ke’s gaming company) and the main couples relationship. Most of it just ends up feeling like fillers and typical troupes – this is especially the case in the last five episodes of the drama.
  • He Yu’s character development is choppy and doesn’t feel earnest. I can see where they were going with him going from a play-boy to a faithful boyfriend, but the execution isn’t convincing. He doesn’t seem more mature. For example. throwing a glass of water in the direction of co-workers gossiping about Yao Qing. Although he trying to act mature by standing up for a girl he likes, his actions are still childish. Also, their bedroom scene felt unnecessarily steamy and out of sync with the style of drama.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Xing Yun played by Bai Lu (main girl)
Xia Ke played by Xing Zhao Lin (main guy)
He Yu played by Zhai Zi Lu (Ke BFF and likes Yun)
Yao Qing played by Anna Hollen (Ke college friend who harbors a crush)
Shen Qing played by Liu Ruo Yan (Ke’s older sister)

Theme: Working Hard and Developing Relationships.

What it’s good for? As an appetizer before watching a more serious drama or to squeeze in an episode during a lunch break.


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