Movie Review: The Big Call


Name: The Big Call  巨额来电
Writer/director: Liu Hua/ Oxide Pang
Date: Dec 2017
Number of episodes: 1 (movie)
Genre: Action, Suspense
Based on book/manga?: Based on real life events.

Why did I press play? During a long flight this movie was available and the synopsis sounded interesting .

The Big Call is a typical action movie with no “wow” factor. It’s got action, suspense, an undercover cop, and odd love stories. If you are enjoying it, it’s worth watching till the end, there is a great emotional and unexpected twist.

The acting is decent. Jiang Meng Jie is the stand out performer and did a great job playing Xu Xiao Tu – the undercover cop. There is enjoyable chemistry between her and her boss, Xu Xiao Tu. The two strange friendship and interesting dynamic. They are at the same intelligence level, get along, but are clearly suspicious of one another. 

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Ding Xiao Tian played by Cheney Chen
Lin Ya Hai played by Joseph Chang
Liu Li Fang played by Lun Mei Kwai
Xu Xiao Tu played by Jiang Meng Jie

Theme:  Beware of scammers. Don’t get pulled into the underworld of scamming.

What is it good for? Killing time on a flight or something in the background while doing, homework or other such tasks. 

Interesting Facts: The movie is based on real scam calling incidents in the early 90’s.


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