Brief thoughts: Imitation, Taxi Driver, So I Married an Anti-Fan

Below are brief first impression about three Korean dramas that are currently airing.

This drama is a total gem. It’s about the behind-the-scenes of the idol world. Following those who are successful, desperate, and becoming famous. It shows a lot of the politics and the difference between the elite and bottom of the barrel entertainment companies. Although it follows teens/young adults the drama has an adult vibe because these characters face the same pressures that many adults do in the working world (if not more). The acting is superb and realistic. There is no overacting and many scenes rely purely on what the actor can bring to the table. Although the series starts off serious, there are some fantastic comedic moments, such as when Kwon Ryok accidentally throws his sword into the pond while he practises his sword fighting for a drama he is filming. Another example is the Shax member – the one who is from overseas (I think it’s Do Jin) and because he is foreign he misses many social queues and responds in a way that is totally unrelated to the situation at hand.

Taxi Driver
The perfect action drama: great acting, phenomenal plot, crisp cinematography. Every two episodes deal with one issue that troubles society, and how the team gets revenge on the perpetrators. The episodes that addressed school bullying are my favorites. It’s incredibly satisfying to see what happens to the bullies. By the nature of the drama many of the topics can be upsetting, but the drama’s goal is to bring light these social issues and find ways to help people. At the end of each episode there is a helpline number for anyone, in real life who is currently struggling with the issue addressed. Let’s also give a shoot out the loan shark head honcho lady – she is the first ever convincing mob boss I’ve seen. She steal every scene she is in.

So I Married an Anti-Fan
This drama is adapted from the Chinese movie with the same name. But this Korean adaptation is stretched to a 16 episode drama series. Because I have seen the movie, I skipped the first two episodes because I find “set the scene” episodes of stories boring. Based on the first couple of episodes, there really is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

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