Drama Recommendations #4

Below are some drama recommendations for the weekend and beyond. These are all dramas I watched from start to finish with little to no forwarding. 

  1. My Heroic Husband: It’s the same team as Joy of life.
  2. Crossfire: It’s gritty and worth dipping into a different genre.
  3. Mr. Fighting: This is also gritty, grounded, and heartfelt. The acting is incredible!
  4. Joy of Life: All around amazing.
  5. The First Half of My Life: Amazing “coming of age” (although in her 40’s) story. It’s heartbreaking at times.
  6. Twenty Your life On: It’s a perfect contemporary drama following college graduates.
  7. Word of Honor: I view it as an enjoyable bromance.
  8. Pegasus Market (Korean Drama): Laugh out loud funny, bizarre, and simply fun!
  9. Longest Day In Chang’an: Intense, dark, superb production quality.
  10. Old Boy: Underrated contemporary drama
  11. My Lovely Sam Soon (Korean, 2005): Delightful and grounded
  12. Taxi Driver: Recently aired Korean drama. It has you at the edge of your seat.

Where ever you are in the world, I hope all is well! Happy drama watching!

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