Review: Go Go Squid (first half)

Name: Go Go Squid
Date: June 2019
Number of episodes: 41
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Technology
Based on book/manga?: Yes, Stewed Squid with Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao

Why did I press play? The name popped up and was added it the “to watch” list.  I started watching this drama, while waiting for new episodes of The Longest Day in Chang’an to air.

Thoughts: Yang Zi is perfectly casted as the leading lady. She has a lot of acting experience under her belt and thrives in rom-com type roles. With her at the helm, you know it’ll be a great drama

It’s important to keep an opened mind with Go Go Squid because it’s quirky, and it takes time to understand characters and the style of story. Beware… within the first several episodes you will melt into a puddle from copious cringing and second-hand embarrassment: primarily from Tong Nian as she pursues Shang.

The Good

  • The story has balance, enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Episode seven is a prime example. On that note – don’t give up on this show until episode 7!
  • The crackling chemistry between the leads as they grow closer.
  • Han Shan’s looks are off the charts: he’s pleasure to watch. Li Xian is a great actor and holds his own in every scene and can successfully act a wide range of emotions: episode 14 showcases his talent. This episode is moving, funny, perfect music, sweet..
  • Each person has their own dreams and works hard towards their goals.
  • Fantastic supporting roles, the young guys’ commentary/advice are hilarious and add mischief.
  • It has excellent comedic flare. For example, when Nian’s singer friend and her husband dress fancy whenever they meet Han Shang. It’s a charming detail.
  • Peeking into people’s upbringing, family situations gives a solid foundation and sense of an established world. This can be something a small as 97’s mum insisting he finds girlfriend/wife – his new year break filled with marriage meetings. 
  • The scripts also discusses technology in China – it adds another interesting layer to the story.
  • Wu Bai is quite a dull character. Working within the character limitations, Hu Yi Tian bodies the sulky/smart/perceptive/easy-going vibe. Unfortunately, he isn’t in many scenes.

The bad

  • Long and frequent flashbacks.
  • The “filler” drama – the misunderstanding that don’t add anything. Even if you skipped over it (which I always do), the story can pick up right where it was before the misunderstanding occured.
  • Once the couple get together, they are unnaturally bubbly and cheesy. This is disappointing because the build-up to their relationship is intense and unique. Hopefully in the second half, their original “essence” on what made them special will come back.
  • Tong Nian’s college roommate/friend is annoying. There is some serious overacting going on and the character herself is a little too overbearing. Unfortunately, this dampens my enthusiasm for a love line she enters.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Tong Nian played by Yang Zi
Han Shang played by Li Xian
Wu Bai played by Hu Yi Tian
Mi Shao Fei played by Lee Hong Chi
97 played by Marcus Li

Theme: It’s amazing how far persistence can take you. 

What it’s good for? No elegant way to say it: binging!

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One thought on “Review: Go Go Squid (first half)

  1. Coco says:

    More and more cdrama bloggers are popping up! And this makes me happy ^^

    I agree that the beginning was very cringey but stuck through which the show nonetheless and it’s one of my favorites XD

    FYI, your store link has a certificate issue so you may want to fix it (it’s telling ppl that the website cannot be trusted)


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