One Spring Night – Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts 

Wow! What an amazing drama. I was in the mood to watch something slow, older characters, and unique – this drama fits the bill.

Really within the first few minutes the ball gets rolling, there isn’t a long plot “set up”, it’s really nice. The story has many moving pieces and grey zone ethics. I don’t believe infidelity, serious/complex relationship, and explicit scenes are the only qualifiers for a drama to be mature. A drama can address serious topics in a classy and wholesome way. One Spring Night, dips it’s toes into both camps.

The characters are all fascinating and the chemistry between the whole cast (not just the lead couple) is superb, therefore each scene is interesting, and draws you in.

It has immediate re-watch value, I watched each episode twice and enjoyed it each time. I hope this drama stays on course and doesn’t overdo angst and unnecessary drama/misunderstanding, etc. The best case scenario is that it’s like a slow train ride, effortless moving from point of embarking to the point of disembarking.

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