Review: Her Private Life

First Impression

Name: Her Private Life
Writer/director: Kim Sung-Yeon / Hong Jong-chan
Date: April 2019
Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
Based on book/manga?: Yes, Noona Fan Dot Com, written by Kim Sung-yeon

Why did I press play? Just wanted to check it out.

Below are a few thoughts about Her Private Life:

  • Fantastic chemistry between leads.
  • First watchable mainstream K-drama in a long time.
  • Interesting story line
  • Distinct characters with individual mannerisms, personalities and points of view.
  • Learning about the logistics of fangirling.

Favorite things:

  • Eom played by Kim Sun-young. This must be one of my all-time favorite K-drama comedic characters. It is such a relief to see Sun-Young play a happy and nor the usual down and out characters. She is flawless and the eccentric and diabolical Eom. I look forward to every scene she is in. Love how she holds a special tour for wives whose husbands have been indicted.
  • Sun-joo, her longing for fangirl days and quirky personality is such fun. However, becoming a fangirl of her employee and those headbands…. we’ll see what happens there.

Things I’m not a fan of:

  • Some of the usual cheesy tropes are too much to stomach and I have forwarded some of those scenes.
  • Shi-an is too dull and inconsistent with the caricature of the other characters. I would have liked a bit more pizazz and to be in sync with other characters.
  • Numerous and unnecessary back flahses – particularly when the original scene occurred a minute before.

Who are the main characters? Who plays them?
Sung Deok-mi played by Park Min-young (female lead)
Ryan Gold played by Kim Jae-wook (male lead)
Eom So-hye played by Kim Sun-young (gallery owner)
Lee Sun-joo played by Park Jin-joo (awesome bbf/fellow fangirl)
Cha Shi-an played by One (celebrity)
Cindy played by Kim Bo-ran (Eom daughter/fangirl)

Themes: The power of hobbies!

What it’s good for: A fun way to unwind during on a Friday or Saturday night.

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