Review: All Is Well

Dropped (sort of)/ Skimmed

Name: All Is Well
Writer/director: Wang San Mao & Lei Zi / Jian Chuan he
Date: March 2019
Number of episodes: 46
Genre: Family, Drama
Based on book/manga?: Yes,

Why did I press play? In the mood for a mature show and with an older cast.

Thoughts: I understand what the show aimed to do, but to me it fell short. The story, although good, wasn’t interesting enough to span over a full drama. From the get-go I forced myself to watch and skipped many parts. Comparing it with Old Boy or The First Half of my Life, this story’s scope is too small and lacks intrigue.

The Good

  • The great marriage relationship between Su Ming Cheng and his wife, Wu Fei. The pair have great chemistry and love for another. Their effortless openness of communication and and friendship quickly bubbles to the surface and it delightful to watch. 
  • Restaurant owner and chef, Shi Tian Dong… is dreamy. He has great on screen presence. Although getting hanky-panky with a woman whose name he didn’t know. He is sweet, honest, and has sensible emotional IQ. When it comes to Ming Yi, he is tad of a pushover (it’s unpleasant to watch) – the heart wants, what the heart wants.
  • Amazing acting all around.
  • Flawless cinematography and production quality.
  • The restaurant, it is cozy and visually appealing. When the story took place there, it is wonderful treat for the heart and eyes.

The bad

  • The plot lack that special something.
  • Ming Yi is quite selfish and her treatment of Tian Dong is awful. Plus her character didn’t feel balanced and a lot of her behavior didn’t quite make sense – I suppose not a good flow of her characteristics from a teen to an adult woman.
  • The dynamic of the family when they are young, selling the room, cutting off ties, passive dad. It’s just weird and doesn’t translate well to their behavior as adults.
  • Ming Zhe and his unfair behavior to his wife – acting like having his dad move is a quick decision that can be made in the few seconds it takes her to walk from the dining table to the fridge.
  • The story could have done with characters of different age ranges. For example, a teenager.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Su Ming Yi played by Yao Chen
Su Da Qiang played by Ni Da Hong
Su Ming Cheng played by Guo Jing Fei
Su Ming Zhe played by Gao Xin
Wu Fei played by Gao Lu (Ming Zhe’s wife)
Shi Tian Dong played by Tony Yang

Theme: Family dynamics can be a mixed bag.

What it’s good for? Something mature, but not particular engrossing.


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