Movie Review: So I Married an Anti-fan

Tiny Blurb

Name: So I Married an Anti-fan 所以……和黑粉结婚了/ No One’s Life is Easy 和黑粉结婚
Writer/director: Kim Jae-young
Date: June 2016
Number of episodes: 1 (movie)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Based on book/manga?: Yes, So I Married an Anti-fan by Jiwan (Manhwa)

Why did I press play? The premise sounded interesting. Call me cheesy, but I enjoy a good super star meets/ falls in love with non-celebrity. Other examples are: ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’, ‘Just Want to See You Smile’, and ‘Accidentally in Love’.
Plot Summary: Journalist Miaomiao Fang, accidentally snaps a photo of the top Korean star Zhun Hou. This takes place in a restroom of a night club and she finds out about his dark personal life. Zhun tries to protect his image and force her employer to fire her. With no job, no apartment, and nothing to loose, her new mission is to get revenge and ruin Zhun’s career. 
It’s a lighthearted movie, ticks all the boxes of this genre, and doesn’t veer into any creative alleyways. It is worth mentioning that production quality is good which makes it an easy watch.
The rewatch value is pretty low. The second time around, I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than a few minutes.
Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Hou Zhun (Hoo Jun) played by Park Chan Yeol
Fang Miao Miao (Ledd Geun Yeong) played by Mabel Yuan
Ai Lin played by Seo Hyun
Gao Xiang played by Jiang Chao
Theme: Don’t judge a book by its cover
What it’s good for? Good way to re-enter the world after a Sunday nap.

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