Review: Hot-Blood Dance Crew

First Impression

Name: Hot-Blood Dance Crew
Writer/director: Produced by iQiyi
Date: March 2018
Number of episodes: 12
Genre: Reality/ Variety
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? While reading the reviews for Moonshine and Valentine, several netizens commented that Victorias forte is dancing (over acting). When this show popped up, out of seer curiosity took a peek to see her dancing.

Synopsis: Hot-Blood Dance Crew is a recently released Chinese variety show.  Is is a dance competition. People from all dance styles and walks of life, compete for the title of the best dancer in China. Initially there were 191 dancers. The show has four hosts/mentors: Lu Han William Chan, Jackson Wang, and Victoria Song.

Initial thoughts: The first episode kicks off with a performance from each host. They each partnered with a professional dancer/choreographer. Out of the four, only Jackson performance felt like that of a pro. The other three left much to be desired,  particular Willian Chan’s dance, it is a little… strange. Many competitors outshine them with skill and style, therefore (for the most part) it’s ironic that the quartet are considered mentors. 

After all this hoopla, the host split up into two teams; Lu and Jackson, and William and Victoria. The combinations work and each person compliment the other. They are extremely famous people, and it is interesting, fun to see they are kind, cool, and knowledgeable.

On a slightly educational note. The show is a good opportunity to brush up on different and current dance styles. As well as learn about the subtle differences in genres, for example, old school hip hop vs new school hip hop – I may or may not have incorporated a few moves into my dance repertoire

Theme: Putting yourself out there to compete and show your skills. 

What it’s good for? In the mood to watch something lively, that isn’t a story, and you want to find yourself popping out a new dance move, while brushing your teeth.


Post Script: Forwarding the dull moments, such as general discussions and selections, I did watch the show till the end. It’s worth staying on board to see some amazing dances. My favorite dance is by KK in episode 11.

Confession time, towards the end Victoria got on my nerves. It seems her predominant purpose is to be a walking advertisement for Chanel and Gucci. It didn’t help that her feedback withered into one word “smooth/clean” accompanied by a faint head nod.

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