An Incurable Case of Love (Japanese) – Mini First Impression

Name: An Incurable Case of Love (Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo)
Writer/director: Kaneko Arisa / Kaneko Fuminori, Fukuda Ryosuke, Tanaka Kenta
Date: January 2020
Number of episodes: 10
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Medical
Based on book/manga?: Yes,

Why did I press play? While I was perusing for a new drama to watch, this one had great reviews!

A few thoughts and observations:
This drama has everything you want from live-action, shoujo manga – without tipping into the ridiculous.

  • First, Satoh Takeru, who plays Tendo Kairi, is outrageously good looking. Not only that, he is a good actor and committed to his character. He can portray the different roles that his character plays, such as doctor, brother, co-worker, surgeon, and boyfriend. In, each of these roles, he acts like a normal human being would. Well, maybe as a boyfriend, he is on the quirkier side. All this allows you to enjoy his handsomeness even more. The looks he gives Sakura Nanase, especially when she isn’t looking, makes a gal buckle at the knees from swooning. His kisses are amazing, they are just single kisses, but blush worthy. There is a scene where she helps in a surgery from behind the glass widow, and he is wearing a mask and goggles, but communicates so much through the expression in his eyes, both to Sakura and the head nurse. It must be noted how professional he is at work, later on he encounters a rather prickly patient, and no matter what, he always responds with professionalism and even kindness when that patient makes a huge mistake.

  • The side characters are actually interesting.

  • The patients’ health problems don’t feel heavy.

  • They do the profession justice, with all the medical equipment, how they use it, talk to patients, the medical jargon, ect. There is a scene both the leads give CPR to a man on the street and it’s clear they got some training beforehand, because they did it properly.

  • The characters growth is satisfying to watch. This applies to both the leads and supporting characters.

  • Brace yourself for some MAJOR secondhand embarrassment from the shenanigans Sakura gets up too.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Sakura Nanase played by Kamishiraishi Mone (female lead)
Tendo Kairi played by Satoh Takeru (male lead)
Kisugi Koichi played by Maiguma Katsuya (doctor and love triangle guy)
Tendo Ryuko played by Karina (Kairi’s sister)
Nishi Ryusei played by Watanabe Keisuke (nurse and likes Ryuko)
Sakai Yuika played by Yoshikawa Ai (talented new nurse and likes Katsuya)

Theme: Pursue happiness in both work and love.

What it’s good for? All around a great drama if you’re in the market for fluffy romance served up in an earthy shoujo way.

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