Oh! My Emperor!

Name: Oh! My Emperor
Writer/director: Wang Wen Tong / Yu Zhong Zhong & Wu Jian Xin
Date: April 2018
Number of episodes: 36
Genre: Time Travel, period, romantic, friendship
Based on book/manga?: Not sure, maybe a web novel.

Why did I press play? I was in the mood for a good quality comedy drama and this one had great reviews.

What a fun, bite sized drama! Oh! My Emperor is great watch if your in the mood for something funny and unpretentious. This post just mentions some of the good points.

What’s good

  • The chemistry between the leads is effortless, they are naturally drawn to each other.
  • The drama doesn’t overreach, they didn’t create an elaborate political set-up. The emperor is pretty much free to do whatever and the “leaders” are the 12 (think that’s the number) are the leaders of the kingdom. This small scale set up makes it clear that this is a fictional story, and it’s not trying to be this accurately watered-down historical drama.
  • The two leads are comfortable in front of the camera. They never made you cringe – often the acting in these small scale period dramas are unbearable.
  • The use of their own voices
  • The humor: for example when Fei Fei starts to sing and dance to try to get Tang Yi to admit he is Jia Cheng. Also Fei Fei attitude every time she enters jail.
  • Their kisses are so much fun!
  • The three other love lines are unique and enjoyable.
  • The friendship between Fei Fei and Yan Ren is great! No mean girls – well part from the king’s mother.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Luo Fei Fei played by Rosy Zhao (Ophiuchus)
Bei Tang Yi / Jia Cheng played by Jason Koo (Capricorn)
Bei Tang Mo Ran played by Sean Xiao (Yi’s uncle/ Aquerius)
Bei Tang Tang played by Wu Jia Cheng (Pisces)
Su Xun Xian played by Emn Chen (Gemini)
Shang Yu played by Yan Xu Jia (Aries)
Chu Sheng Nan played by Showna Xie (Leo)
Xu Bing played by Wang Yu (Orian)
Xie Yan Ran played by Song Nan Xi (Cancer)

Theme: Make the most of where you are.

What is it good for? Relaxing and to fill the void after watching a amazing drama.

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