Your Fukubukuro – Mini Review

Name: Your Fukubukuro
Writer/director: Mei Qiongyu / Huang Yingxiang
Date: July 2019
Number of episodes: 12 (40min each)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? This drama was highly praised by another drama blogger.

Thoughts and observations: Its heartwarming and story that can resonate with people form all over the world. You don’t need to be familiar with Chinese dramas to enjoy this one. It is a great option to recommend to a friend who you want to draw into the wonderful world of C-dramas.

Below is breakdown of three of my favorite episode and some thoughts on each – these do contain spoilers, so you may want to save them till after you’ve watched an episode.

Episode 1.
It’s about two people who are out of sync with their significant others (very long-term relationships) due to demanding careers. The constant work-travel schedule make emotional intimacy a tremendous effort, which they don’t often have the energy to give. The two leads work at a consulting company, and are excellent at their work, but approach work in contrasting ways, that complement each other, and consequently make a successful team. Slowly (originally unintentionally) find comfort in each other – someone who knows and experiences the unique challenges that comes with their lifestyle.
It liked the overall tone and color palette. It almost feels as if it’s a dream – which to some extent it is for the two leads. They have this window in time where they connect with a kindred spirit, no one knows about them. They live so far apart there is no way of unintentionally bumping into each other again. Fate brought them to meet, and fate kept them apart, and the Fukubukuro packet gave them closure. As the audience, we also get closure as we see that they both are thriving back in their own lives and not missing each other or “what could have been.” It shows that you can get over things, let people go, and relished and invest in the life you have. Oh.. probably best to avoid infidelity to learn that lesson.

Episode 3
The main female was smitten with a college boyfriend, who subsequently dumped her once they graduated and left her heartbroken for years. She held on to her love for him and pinned for years. During her pinning, she set up a lovely life for herself in the same town: a cozy apartment, a pet fish, a job she enjoys, and a daily jogging routine – where she has a jogging partner. Her life is lovely and humble, she lives within her means, and it’s big spending. One night her ex-boyfriend shows up unannounced.
Having no contact with her for several years, he proclaims he wants her back and to settle down into married life with her. Initially, she is captivated and enjoys his pursuit and their reconnection. But little subtle things plant seeds of doubt, such as his condescending attitude towards the life she built, like he does life “right”, and she does it `wrong”. He also slowly sees that she is more independent know and doesn’t need him like she used to. Towards the end, they go out for a special dinner and it’s here where they part ways. I watched this part a few times, it’s really powerful and she perfectly articulated their dynamic and the situation. Also, the ending is delightful – the start of a blossoming relationship with her running buddy!

I like the message of this story: even if you are heartbroken, sad, lonely, if you keep putting one step in front of the other and make good choices, you eventually build a healthy and enjoyable life for yourself. When you pause to look around, you see that the happiness you were looking for is already there. On a side note, the female lead is such a kind and calm person, it would be lovely to have a cup of tea with her in person.

Episode 10
This is a classic body swap between a CEO and a random office worker (who dislikes his job) from the same company. In all honesty, not a lot happens in this story and that’s the pleasure in it. It just shows that walking inside someone else’s shoes for a day or two can change your perspective and see the good and bad in your own life. Seeing the company from the opposite point of view, they are both able to change behavior and attitude towards work. It is handy and a great catalyst for the normal worker that he is not a project manager. But apart from that improving the quality of his life, is in his hands, his choices. The CEO was eventually humbled in subtle ways and it was wonderful to see him “unintentionally” support his daughter. Again, there isn’t anything major that happens. But in life, it’s changing the small things and the things we can control that makes a difference. This is my favorite episode!

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them? ( Couldn’t track down most of the actors)
Zhong Su Hai played by Cui Yi
Wang You You played by Laing Shi Ran
Yang Ming played by Li Ren
Phillip played by Lin Sen
Guo Chu Chu played by Wang Xi Lu
Wang Hai Yang played by Joseph Wei

Theme: Life can be sweet. Life and be bitter. Life is bitter sweet.

What’s it good for:  Anything: lunchtime, a watch-a-thon, a way to unwind after an easy going or busy day, or even if your in a good or bad mood. 




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