Mini Review: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Watched, Skimmed, Dropped

Name: Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Date: April 2019
Number of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Youth, Comedy
Based on book/manga?: I think so (It’s either based on a book or the either of A Love So Beautiful is the writer for this drama).

Why did I press play? No real reason. In retrospect, the standard synopsis isn’t 100% in line with the focus of the story.

During which episode was it dropped? Watched thirst half and did a lot of skipping because many of the side stories are boring. 

The first two episodes of the drama indicate a silly non-logical plot. This is unfortunate because if you keep watching that isn’t the case. I dropped the show, but after reading good reviews, pick it back up again, and I’m glad I did.

Some Good things:

  • The fantastic and unexpectedly good chemistry between leads.
  • Great acting – both Tu Mo and Wei Yi so a great job with subtle mannerisms to convey their feelings.
  • The slow-paced romance that feels realistic and with little angst
  • Tu Mo’s mother’s romance plots to get the two closer.
  • Each character is pursuing their careers – that is parallel to the romance. It adds substance to the story.
  • Wei Yi dreamy romantic looks – particularly when he is a little tipsy!
  • Interchanging locations of dorms and apartment.
  • Many of the side characters, such as Wei Yi’s professor.

A few bad things:

  • Fu Pei (Tu Mo’s friend and initial love interest). The combination of bad acting and character profile makes for a cringful watch – the “fruit bowel on head” moment comes to mind. The same goes for Jie Er, her character is dull and you just want to throw her out the apartment when she shows up unwelcomed and holds Tu Mo’s ears hostage for the night.
  • Some of the side stories are a little boring. For example, the love story of the second leads.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Si Tu Mo played by Fei Xing
Gu Wei Yi played by Lin Yi
Fu Pei played by Xiao Tian Tang
Xu Jie Er played by Yi Sha
Xie Yu Yin played by Zhou Zi Xin

Take things slowly, particularly when it comes to romance or career.

What it’s good for? Something fun and be filled with the warm and fuzzies, and squealing with delight.

Interesting Facts:
There is a sequel: Dear Prince, 2017

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