Love Me Actually – Review and Thoughts

Variety Show

Name: Love Me Actually
Writer/director: MBC
Date: March 2019
Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Variety show: Travel, Romance, Comedy
Based on book/manga?: No

Why did I press play? The name peeked by interest.

Thoughts and observations

Charming, classy, funny: that is how to describe this show. Each episode has me on tenterhooks for what the following one will bring – it’s a high probability that you’ll blow through the episodes because time breezes by. It is a travel club that encourages romances, therefore it’s lovely to see the beautiful scenery and what different locations have to offer.

It is delightful that the show only becomes better and better, now at episode 13, it’s far more enjoyable the earlier ones. The writers are good at spotting areas that there is lull, when this occurs, there are enough curve-balls to shake things up.

Each episode consists the following: laugh-out-loud games, activities that help members of the opposite sex become closer, voting for the bachelor king (later queen), who can choose someone to go on a date with, the men pick someone to drive back to Seoul with, explore the area they traveled to.

It is humorously awkward when love triangle arrives, a change of heart, no-one gets asked a question at the truth game, etc. Everyone is aware that this is shows, therefore the stakes aren’t too high. However, things to seem serious between a few couples.

It’s not clear, but I think the rules are: no significant touching, no drinking alcohol, and no contacting someone during the two-week breaks before trips. This is great because it means the trip is the only change to make a move or express interest in someone.

The show stays classy and never resort to anything silly, vulgar, or cheap too “make it interesting”. Fantastic writing and directing.

On a side note: one of my favorite couples are… in the stills below, number 5, 6, & 7.

Theme: Have fun, travel, and enjoy making new friends – maybe even enjoy some romance.

What’s it good for: Watching it at any time of day.

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