Thoughts: Tribes and Empires


There are so many things I’d like to discuss about Tribes and Empires. Instead of writing a 2000 essay on all my thoughts, I decided to such jot down different thoughts as they come to mind.

Tribes and Empires is one of the most meaningful and important Chinese dramas. It shows a real shift in the epic-ness and the powerful storytelling and high production quality and a huge budget, that can compete on an international stage.

As for the story many people had including myself had some issues about some of the lead characters, especially Muyun Sheng. Since I am immensely drawn to this story, I did some research and learned that the character is quite passive and stuck between two worlds. So what seems frustrating about him, his lack of action and his place in the story is actually who is he. In some ways, he’s meant to a little aloof and frustration. If you this drama resonated with you, it’s worth taking a look at the behind the scenes and interviews with actors, directors and production team. It puts a whole new light on the story – in a good way.

Some of the scenes are just crazy. For example. Towards the end, Helen Tieduo where she single-handedly annihilated all the fighters. Imagine filming that and all the work that went into that. In one behind the scenes shot Wong Sisi is crying. It reminded me of the toll people being the one responsible for carrying such an immensely emotion and physical scene.

Also the main guys, the emotions he has to carry even subtle looks, is incredible. I felt almost insulted that after such an incredible performance that he is Glorious Times.

Empress Nanku is a very interesting character – an anti-hero. Her sole purpose for living is for her husband (the king) to reciprocate 1% of her love for him. In the early days before Yinrong appeared, apparently they had a good relationship, maybe not madly in love – but with time it could have turned into that. It becomes so frustrating to me when Muyun Qin is paralyzed. Had he just given her little love (and I mean a minute) she could be his greatest ally. Had he at any point accepts her, he could have avoided many pitfalls and succeed more than he did – this refers to politics. Sadly she is never allowed to become be his greatest legit, useful ally – she would relish in assisting him. She actually didn’t look for drama. Just for him. This desire of hers is surprising and different from a typical “evil” queen. A part from giving birth to Muyun Sheng, I wish Yinrong minded her own business and never met the king. There is far more to say about her, but I’ll leave it here for now.

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