Review: Suddenly this Summer

Dropped (sort of)

Name: Suddenly This Summer
Date: April 2018
Number of episodes: 30
Genre: Romance, Slice of life, Youth
Based on book/manga?: Yes, I think the title of the novel is The Words of Love

Why did I press play? It was recommended in an article and it had decent reviews.

During which episode was it dropped? It was dropped at episode 16, but I did watch the final episode in its entirety. Episode 1 – 15 is awesome. The actress is fantastic and nails the nuances of her characters, or rather added them to the character. By favorite is when she describes what her mange “pen pall” looks like. The story was effortless to watch and very enjoyable. There were nice little twist, such as her initiating their long ter relationship.

I can see that Bai Yu gave 100%. But in his overly playful and emotional scenes as a high school, I turned way and cringed – but he is a 28 years old played a 18-year-old, so  ought to do it! lol.

By the end of episode 15, to me the story felt complete, it was special and to me the happily ever after was there. It was there that the angst ball got rolling and obstacles thrown in to create a more angst story. To me is sort of like a filler. I did skip to watch the final episode and I do not regret skipping the second half, because it all hinted at misunderstanding, unnecessary heartbreak, drama ect. The ending. It didn’t match the tone of the story from the start. The biggest red light for unnecessary drama is when Yuan let Zhang Wei Rui barge into his room and clearly hung out with her a lot. Compare this to how he rejected that girl in highschool. This is a mere few months later.

I love long drawn out “coming of age” over several years drama, but this one, only for the highs school and early university days right. But I’m so glad I watched it and glad I stopped when I did. It remains a lovely story to me.

Some good points.

  • Hard (very hard) work can help you achieve dreams.
  • Don’t be ashamed to be yourself. Keep your charm.
  • Have conviction and make your own decisions.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
He Luo played by Bu Guan Jin – main girl
Zhang Yuan played by Bai Yu – main guy
Feng Xiao played by Lu Peng –  love triangle guy
Li Yun Wei played by Zhang Shu Wei – Luo BFF
Zhao Cheng Jie played by Feng Wan Qiang – Yuan BFF
Zhang Wei Rui played by Yang Yue – love triangle girl (really don’t like her)

Theme: Accept life challenges, adapt and keep moving forward.

What it’s good for? Watching a few epsides is a great why to unwind before bed.



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