Review: Oh My General


Name: Oh my General 将军在上
Writer/director: Shichen Gongzi / Wen Jiehe, Huo Yaoliang
Date: October 2017
Number of episodes: 60
Genre: Gender Bender, Historical Fiction
Based on book/manga?: Yes, General Above I Am Below by Ju Hua San Li

Why did I press play? The amazing color palette and promotional artwork (that ponytail pointing to the sky!). Plus, Sanda Ma is a great actress. This one took a long time to get Eng subs, and for many months I waited with anticipation.

During which episode was it dropped?

The details of the story never piqued much interest, so I didn’t watch any episode in its entirety… There was a lot of forwarding to parts that looked interesting or looked like the plot got more traction. Unable to hang on any longer, it was dropped by episode six.

What is good?

  • The color palette is amazing. This cannot stress this enough. This is the first drama I’ve seen that uses bold colors to add to a narrative, particular the hues of blue and the pops of red. It’s worth browsing a few episodes to catch a glimpse.
  • The camera shots are stylized and it created a distinct feel and perspective.
    Striking costumes.
  • The whole vibe and style of the drama work together to create something unique.
    Some of the satirical comedy works well. For example, Ye Zhao’s mother-in-law attempts to put her in her place, but all the plans keep backfiring.

What is bad? 

  • Apart from the original premise, the plot is boring.
  • The “dance battle” in episode six is very strange and uncomfortable to watch.
    Much of the story is far to camp for my taste – especially the male lead. It’s like gender bender, only they don’t switch bodies.
  • In general, the drama is distasteful.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Ye Zhao played by Sandra Ma
Zhao Yu Jin played by Peter Sheng
Hu Qing played by Ding Chuan

Theme: An unconventional love story.

What it’s good for? In the mood for something original, campy and stylized.

Interesting Facts:
Oh My General shares the same art director as Go Princess Go.
The drama has three spin-offs.

  • Elysium 将军在上之极乐净土
  • Lovers Across Space 将军在上之时空恋人
  • Mysterious Case of Furong 将军在上之芙蓉密案

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2 thoughts on “Review: Oh My General

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can you make an honest review if you did not finish the drama?! Isn’t review and reaction should be done after the whole series?! The critique has not enough information just because it was watched for 6 eposodes only. I watched the whole series and will say, it has a good plot. Actors and actresses are really good in their own roles. It is refreshing to watch this rom-com because it is different from the usual love story.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi there!
      This blog is purely my subjective view and thoughts and in no means objective. It’s my prerogative to review at what point I like and there is no obligation to watch a full drama. This blog is purely for enjoyment. There are other blogs with more comprehensive reviews on dramas. No need to spot by here if you don’t like the style.


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