Review: All Out of Love


Name: All Out of Love – 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤
Writer/director: Liu Junjie
Date: September 2018
Number of episodes: 70
Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Based on book/manga?: Yes, Liang Sheng, Can we not be sad?

Why did I press play? After watching Siege in the Fog, a respect Sun Yi as an actress developed. Her acting and on screen presence makes it exciting to  keep an eye out for future projects. The plot sounded mildly interesting, with big names, thus so I took the plunge.

Initial thoughts: The first two Episodes builds the foundation of the story. We glimpse Jiang and Liang’s childhood, and eventual  transition into into young adulthood. The child actors did a fantastic job. This enabled a smooth transition from backstory to the main story. Although I wasn’t necessarily me glued to the screen, then again neither was I later on.

The building to the main story created excitement for wants waiting ahead. A quarter way, there was still waiting and only a few glimmers of hope. On paper relationship between Jiang and Cheng is very interesting and unique. However the execution is flat and a bore.

The biggest and last straw for me are the many hospital scenes within the first dozen episodes. – this excluded the character with a terminal illness. Before that someone on hospital bed every other second is annoying. Whenever there are many  hospitals scenes feels shallow, over the top drama, and a fillers. – medical dramas are the exceptions.

To make the final decision wether to throw in the towel, I read  comprehensive plot overview. What I discovered was a story that provide me endless frustration and results in boredom.

Who are the main characters? Which actors play them?
Jiang Sheng played by Sun Yi
Liang Sheng played by Ma Tianyu
Cheng Tianyou played by Wallace Chung

Theme: Unidentifiable

What it’s good for? A scoop of juiciness if you love melodramas.


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